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Category: Four Season Forays (outdoor adventures)

Biking, boating, hiking, skiing excursions

New Discovery At Quincy Bog, Rumney, NH; Observation and Appreciation of Club Mosses; Introduced by my naturalist friend Tammis Coffin; November 30, 2020

After a hard freeze, before any snow Club mosses- a plant type you might not know Small evergreens, like miniature trees, But they have spores,…

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Exploring the geology of islands in Casco Bay, off the coast of Maine by sailboat, August 1-8th, 2020

Metamorphosed fine grained layers, Sandstone, mudstone are the players. `           ‘’’’’’’’’ Stacked up, then vertical tilting,`         Precambrian, plates drifting.             ’’’’’’’” Thin sediments, stacked, striped and caked…

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