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D’Acres In Winter

Last updated on May 24, 2020

A poem dedicated to winter at D Acres of New Hampshire Organic Farm & Educational Homestead and Green Woodlands Foundation, two gems near each other.

Ski at Green Woodlands, off 118, such a good deal.
Then on Saturdays at D’Acres stop for a meal.

The menu is an omelette, two kinds of sauerkraut,
plus black mushrooms foraged from the property, no doubt.

plus on the woodstove, a choice of interesting tea,
Examine the chimney if you like geology.

Includes rocks of purple quartz or mica with big flakes
On the sun porch, microgreens in trays, for heaven sakes.

An option to cuddle with a bunny while you munch
Work up a big appetite by skiing before lunch

50 miles of groomed trails, a bargain, enjoy, no cost
there are four warming huts scattered about, so get lost

You will never get bored, there is so much to explore
Plan to come back, bring friends to eat and ski some more.

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