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Paddling Up The John’s River, NH

Marghie Seymour’s painting during a session at Hopkins Pond

1 dear friend- Marghie Seymour, 2 kayaks, an excursion up an unofficial, enchanting wildlife refuge, 1 deer, 1 beaver, 5 kingbird’s nests on logs right on the edge or in the river- one with three open baby beaks, 6 painted turtles, many elderberry and swamp milkweed plants lining the shores, 1 view of some tombstones, 5 beaver dams to navigate,1 dead duck, hundreds of ebony jewelwing (iridescent blue or green) damselflies, no blackflies and no mosquitoes, …on the John’s River, that runs into the Connecticut River above Littleton, NH. We decided we were definitely practicing forest bathing from our kayaks, particularly with whatever phytoncides were being emitted by the elderberry plants, We called the beaver dams- “John’s locks,” as looking upstream, we could see the higher water level above.

Map of Johns River flowing into the Connecticut River

Following our paddle, we visited “Yonder Mountain Nursery and Gardens” in Bethlehem, N.H. They specialize in “rare and useful perennials,” with all kinds of succulents, including blooming cactus, tucked in next to interesting, native rocks- with large crystals. You have to visit to see the unusual hi rock gardens and the chicken houses with green roofs that look like homes for gnomes. Lars Shick- the proprietor- is most friendly and helpful!

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