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Flute Calls From Up High

If you are up on a high peak in the cool air

If you concentrate, you can learn the song if you care

As the darkness of night turns to light

As you watch the disappearing stars

Bicknell’s Thrush rehearse their signature bars

Males (occasionally females) sing a fluting song

Four phased, with a whirling quality, unmistakably strong

There might be another on the ground

If the noise of a red squirrel is around

A predator of nests, have some fear

Trills, squeaks, and chatter this is the sound you will hear

Agitated birds will then give a growling or fussing call

Strange for something so small

A harsh veer or queep is an often heard note,

Or a soft single or double chuk from the throat,

For contact with others of its own kind

The Bicknell’s Thrush is a treasure to find

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