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Taking the Tram To The Top: Dominican Republic Delegations Visits Cannon Mountain

Last updated on August 5, 2020

I started the project called Forest to Forest:  Bicknell’s Thrush

A film, a conference with speakers, also included, painting classes

where we rendered images of the bird in its habitat with a brush,

the goal to raise awareness about the rare bird among the masses

when and how would I consider that I had made some strides

with educational outreach activities involving the community

two habitats, locations, and cultures, I wanted to bridge the divides

between NH and the DR, to promote sustainability and unity

Make a difference, have more people care, achieve some success,

Initially, when the first Dominicans came, I didn’t recognize the progress

Hoping to hear and see the bird; we rode the tram up Cannon Mountain

they wrote about their experiences, creativity sprang forth in a fountain

I learned much along the way, and when I started to write the story

I asked myself what was most significant, I did an inventory

And realized that each activity that inched me toward my goal

Every step along the journey, contributed to the whole

And especially, when I reread the DR educator’s reflections

I knew the ripple effect had started, with each connection

Non-scientists had seen the summer habitat of the rare bird

The DR delegation had reflected and was spreading the word

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