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My Favorite Way To Start The Day

I went to Sadhana Forest to plant trees and learn about their protocol for this task.  I expected to be focused on science.  Instead, I felt inspired to write poetry and paint, to create a book to explain the impact and activities of Sadhana Forest to someone else in a unique and hopefully creative way.  Now, upon returning to my life in New Hampshire, USA, I am still processing and continuing to explore how to live more sustainably and inspire others to do so. One aspect I miss so much is the morning circle, the best way to start a day and build a sense of community. 

It is still dark when we rise,

Temple music floats across the skies.

We gather in a special place,

 we can not yet see each face.

Sometimes there is moonshine,

We stretch to make limber our spine.

Someone ambitious leads the group,

we twist and turn as a troup.

our blood flows, our muscles thrive,

slowly our bodies come alive.

We hug one another at the end,

a way to connect with each friend.

The sun rises as we move,

we awake and get in the grove.

Off we go to volunteer,

to do our seva in high gear.

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