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Do You Know This Obligate Species of Vernal Pools?

Last updated on May 24, 2020

Invertebrates feeding swimming

In fresh water breathing, skimming

Call them fairy shrimp to keep tabs

Translucent relatives of crabs

And small, relatives of lobsters

Valuable critters to foster

Algae and plankton are their food

These Crustaceans have quite a brood

Appendages eleven pairs

Adults don’t live to see their heirs

They don’t survive even a year

But hardy eggs survive no fear

no fish are present to respond

to eat all the small critters spawned

an obligate species in pools

temporary wetland jewels

called vernal pools in the landscape

water bodies of any shape

generally smaller than a pond

no inflow of a stream beyond

please recognize this habitat

be a steward, don’t fall flat

protect this rare water body

spread the word to everybody

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