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Fairy Shrimp

Dedicated to Kerry Yurewicz, Biology Faculty Member at Plymouth State University, check out her video of fairy shrimp,

Species, common indicator  

Look sooner, rather than later

completely dependent on vernal pools

small, but bigger than molecules

hard to see, even if you gaze

during their aquatic life phase  

in the egg or larval stage

feeding on their backs at this age

free swimming, fun filter feeders

hungry omnivorous breeders

optimizing food consumption

using legs is the assumption

rhythmically water filtering

with their many legs flickering

for algae they really rally

eating crustaceans that dally

varying color, shape and size

surviving before the pool dries

in New England, two species found

in the north pools, Knob-lipped abound  

Delicate bodies transparent

But Fairy shrimp are apparent

Magnify with a microscope

You will see life forms and have hope

No more Habitat destruction

From so much human construction

We need to protect vernal pools

And not ruin their homes like fools

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