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Category: Four Season Forays (outdoor adventures)

Biking, boating, hiking, skiing excursions

New Discovery At Quincy Bog, Rumney, NH; Observation and Appreciation of Club Mosses; Introduced by my naturalist friend Tammis Coffin; November 30, 2020

After a hard freeze, before any snow Club mosses- a plant type you might not know Small evergreens, like miniature trees, But they have spores,…


Exploring the geology of islands in Casco Bay, off the coast of Maine by sailboat, August 1-8th, 2020

Metamorphosed fine grained layers, Sandstone, mudstone are the players. `           ‘’’’’’’’’ Stacked up, then vertical tilting,`         Precambrian, plates drifting.             ’’’’’’’” Thin sediments, stacked, striped and caked…

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