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More Hurricanes Is The Trend

Oh Bicknell’s Thrush, to the island in the sea

Island of Hispaniola it must be

winter in a cloud rain forest way up high

You will descend from your night flight in the sky

weak from the exertion, you must be tired

migrating south in autumn is required

in fall, headed to a different habitat

 your task is to avoid the predator rat,

now there is a new threat which is gale force winds

warmer seas means more hurricanes are the trend

If your food source is destroyed, will you survive?

Until new insects hatch, you must strive to thrive

In 1502, Columbus sailed with crew

They had to survive very strong winds that blew

No fun to experience a hurricane

Disorienting, such tumultuous rain

if you go high in the mountains inland

for protection, your numbers might just expand

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