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Recreate Locally

I was out West when Covid-19 hit.

While driving home my housemate did admit,

Oh no, she was sick, and felt she had it.

So, I joined my dear friend to shelter-in.

In the Champlain River Valley, a win.

Along the foothills next to the high peaks

Rewalking the same routes for many weeks.

Exploring trails and roads out his back door.

Appreciating changes even more.

Becoming a devout phenologist.

Documenting signs I could not resist.

Of spring arriving in a progression

Of wildflowers in succession.

The value of repeating hikes, I learned

Rewards and new appreciations earned.

To be outside, no people, no worry.

Savor the freedom, no need to hurry.

I watched wood frog eggs in a vernal pool

An obligate species, it’s the rule.

Undervalued, we need observation

To protect these jewels, with conservation.

Making a connection to a new place

Marking passage of time in a new space,

This is how I survived the pandemic.

Moving my limbs, as an academic,

Away from the screen every afternoon,

Going outside with nature to commune.

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