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No Problem Eating Vegan in a Supportive Community

Being vegan is great for your health! …

plant protein, fiber, minerals, all the nutritional wealth

stop supporting meat and dairy industries, make your choice

be fierce, unapologetic, and passionate, use your voice

partly it’s the slaughter house system, and the fact that animals feel pain

in cramped cages and more, seems like an unconscionable stain

greenhouse gas emissions, want to know the causation?

more greenhouse gases come directly from livestock production

than from the whole transportation industry introduction

there’s more, deforestation, wildlife destruction, water and soil pollution

don’t be intimidated by the weight of the animal eating institution,

think how good and powerful it will feel to be part of the solution

if you eat meat and dairy, then at least know and connect with the source

learn the process, consider your choices, and steer an authentic course

you think the industry will lead and try to adapt our meat cravings,

no, it’s up to citizens to make changes and reap the savings

help the earth, start a vegan food forest in your own yard

if you take it one step at a time, it’s won’t be that hard

be kinder to animals, people, and our planet

try new recipes and foods like pomegranate

eat vegan, without cholesterol and saturated animal fat

plenty of reasons, environmental, health, and even ethical stats

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