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Reforestation Rescue in Haiti

In Haiti, deforestation occurs to make charcoal

 This industry creates an environmental dark hole

Cutting down trees has led to soil erosion, pollution

susceptibility to flooding, we need a solution

cooking with charcoal causes respiratory illnesses

but the industry provides such economic services

for health concerns, we need a substitute

a domestic energy, for the many destitute

entrepreneurs, find an efficient clean cooking fuel

something feasible, sustainable, to lead to renewal

planting trees, not in public spaces where there is no protection

But in gardens, where there will be ownership and connection

The native Maya Nut Tree, is a good choice,

Edible orange fruit and seed, food, let’s rejoice,

Called bread nut, boiled or dried and ground into meal

For porridge or flatbread, even medicinal properties, it’s ideal

High in fiber, protein, with calcium, potassium, zinc,

Iron, folic acid, and B vitamins, so nutritious we think.

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