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Spotted Salamanders

It’s April, in the woods, keep a lookout!

Spotted salamanders may move about.

They return to the same pool every year.

Carnivorous adults eat what is near.

Insects, worms, spiders, millipedes, and slugs

Under rocks, or damp logs, they look for bugs.

Such wondrous creatures can regenerate,

Growing back limbs and organs gaining weight.

They secrete noxious toxin from glands,

To dissuade predators from their wetlands.

They are less secretive on rainy nights,

All headed to breed in vernal pools.

There can’t be any fish to eat their young

Males congress in groups with females among.

Spring ritual, a magical courtship

Fossorial except for such a trip

Laying eggs, one hundred, in a round clutch

The masses look and are slimy to touch.

Hidden until foraging or breeding,

Floodplain forests are what they are needing

In upland woods they are hibernating

Let’s make sure they are proliferating

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