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Blue Spotted Salamanders

Covering- gray to bluish black

bluish, white flecks are on the back

bluish, white spots on sides and tail

mole like, hiding, not on a trail

Smooth critter on the forest floor

inches in length, average is four

Tails are 40 percent of this

For some to see this would be bliss

subterranean existence

for water, they go the distance

to lay a dozen eggs, their clutch

one month to hatch, this isn’t much

terrestrial, they must become

transform fast, before they succumb

by end of summer, pools dry out

adults take shelter in holdouts

under rocks, leaflitter, and logs

hiding like special underdogs

Observed in their spring migration

Rainy nights is the causation

Moving, in mass, an impression

To the vernal pool depression

Which is only temporary

But so important to carry

new egg masses so resplendent

for these species so dependent

development ruins their home

protect, don’t destroy this biome

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