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Northern Catalpa (Catalpa speciose)

On our campus between two buildings, tucked away

Always something quite unusual to display

Very distinct for its dangling bean-like seed pods

Hanging on, persisting through winter by all odds

Catch clusters of white showy flowers when you can

You will see the five lobes in late spring if you plan

Trumpet shaped with yellow stripes, purple spots inside

Giant heart-shaped leaves, soft hairs beneath is the guide,

Another diagnostic, is three scars per node

Identify the twigs in winter with this code

The sunken leaf scars resemble suction cups, look

This is the detailed description in the fieldbook.

The catalpa moth caterpillar highly rates

Anglers regard the worm as one of the best baits

Native to the mid-west of the United States

A much smaller range this tree did demonstrate

At the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

Now beyond the confluence, this tree delivers

Widespread, sold by nurseries across the country

This cigar tree grows at our university

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