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Bear scat at the base of the Gingko near the peace garden on campus, October 6, 2022

Last updated on December 20, 2022

We need to install a wildlife camera at the peace garden on campus!!

Yesterday’s tree tour started at 8 am and lo and behold, students showed up! First stop was one of our Gingko biloba trees on the backside of Mary Lyons- this one completely adorned in yellow- about ready to drop its foliage.

This tour focused on nutrition- my first on this specific topic. There are so many medicinal properties of the Ginko, more than any other tree I can think of on campus.

After the tour, I had to check out the other two Gingkos. The largest, next to D & M, still has green leaves.

The biggest surprise was at the peace garden-this specimen was in a sad state. Half the tree was bare!! Then as I approached closer, I noticed what looked like the biggest pile of BEAR SCAT at the base. What else could it be? And what was this bear eating? Was the bear foraging in our edible garden? Tons of seeds are visible in the scat, where did he/she find the berries?

Wait, was the fact that half the tree was stripped of leaves related to the bear? Was this bear in the know, and wanting to treat brain, circulatory, and respiratory conditions?

The Gingko by Mary Lyon Hall was in full yellow splendor.

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